Repinning a Memory

Make a memory your own by repinning it.  You can include someone else's memory on your board by repinning it.

  • Repin, like or commentHover over a memory that you would like to include on your board.
  • Click the Repin icon that appears at the top of the memory.
    The Repin form is displayed - the picture, tags and categories are carried from the original contributor's memory.
  • Add your own story about this memory.
  • Specify the board you would like to include the memory on.
  • Reorganize, if needed:  change tags or categories.
  • Click Save.


You may also find repinning available when visiting other parts of the Home Sweet Home site.


Repinned memory

The memory is included on your board and is posted as a new memory on the Home Sweet Home Site. The memory information you added and attribution to the original contributor is included with your repinnned memory.


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