Edit Board Information

You can edit a board's information help you better organize.

  • Click on My Account at the top of the Home Sweet Home screen.
    Your profile page is displayed.
  • Click the Edit link beneath the board that you want to change.
    The Edit Board form is displayed.

  • Add or change any information as desired.
    • Board Name is required, but can be changed.  No memories on a board will be lost when a board is renamed.
    • The Description field is used to describe the board.  Type the kinds of memories that are included.  Any contributor visiting your board will see this description.
    • If you choose a category from the Category by default drop-down list, any memory that you create and pin to this board will automatically be categorized this way.  The category can be changed on the individual memory itself.  Setting this saves time if you most-often categorize memories on this board the same way.
    • You can allow other contributors to the site to pin to your board by typing their user IDs in the Who can pin? field.
  • Click Save.
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