Changing Notifications

Notifications are sent to your email address when there is activity relating to your contributions:

  • When new comments are made on a memory you have created
  • When a memory is "repinned"
  • When someone follows you
  • When someone "unfollows" you

Notifications are automatically set so that you receive only one notification until the next time you log in to the site.

Change notification settings

  • Click the orange My Account link at the top right of the screen. (My Account is only available when you are already logged in.)
  • Click the Notifications tab.
  • Select your notification preference for each of the notification types.
    • Always send notification will send a notification every time the type of action occurs.
    • Only one notification until the next login to the site (standard setting) sends only one notification, regardless of how many times the type of action occurs, until you login again.
    • Never send notification does not notifiy you if that action is taken.
  • Click the Save.
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